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How To Improve iPhone Security For Your Company

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Mobile workforce

According to research, more than 230 million people in the United States older than 13 use some sort of mobile device. Business users comprise over 30 percent of all mobile service subscribers in the United States. Companies that implement iPhones in their business plans need to invest in iphone management so that they can improve their iPhone security to make sure that none of their information is compromised if a device is lost or stolen. Try to find mobile device management tools that align with your requirements so your company can get the most out of its devices.

Patch management software can help you with several different device management needs, including tablet management. In 2010 media tablet sales reached 19.5 million. iPhone security is also vital for companies that implement BYOD models. In a BYOD, or bring your own device model, businesses have their employees bring a device that they own to use at work. BYOD is becoming important in classrooms as well, because it benefits students and school officials.

Around the world, there are almost 1 billion users of smartphones. If you are looking for iPhone security tools to help your business keep its devices safe at all times, make sure you find software meant to give IT departments greater control over devices used to handle business. These tools will keep your staff members operating at a high level so that your company can accomplish more goals each day and better meet the requirements that its customers have.
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Recent Improvements in iPhone Management

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For corporations, iPhones are quickly becoming the choice for mobile devices. While the industry was once dominated by BlackBerry, businesses and their employees are switching to the iPhone to take advantage of its user-friendliness, robust applications, and, let’s be honest, its downright coolness. But, until recently iPhone management has proved to be somewhat of a problem. Apple has not offered an iPhone management system that is as fully featured as BlackBerry’s Enterprise Server, which allows IT departments to do all sorts of useful and necessary things. For example, the BlackBerry Enterprise Server allows remote data wipe in the event that a BlackBerry is lost of stolen. Until recently, Apple did not offer this feature, leaving confidential data in the hands of thieves or someone lucky enough to find a lost iPhone.

But, iPhone management has improved greatly as businesses worldwide have cried for Apple to make changes. First, Apple added the option to synchronize e-mail and calendars with Exchange. This made the iPhone an option for traveling businessmen and women, but companies were weary of switching over to Apple because of obvious security concerns. But today, all of that has changed. A number of third-party iPhone management Software developers and Apple itself have sprung into action, making strides to get the iPhone ready for business.

One of the first orders of business was to make the iPhone capable of remote software updates, also known as patch management. This allows IT departments to install software on hundreds of iPhones in one fell swoop. With this capability, the iPhone becomes a viable mobile device option for corporations with hundreds or thousands of employees using iPhone. Next, the iPhone had to be made more secure. Unfortunately, traveling business people sometimes lose their mobile devices and the sensitive and confidential information contained in their e-mails and documents can fall into the wrong hands. With remote iPhone management, IT departments can wipe data from a lost or stolen iPhone within seconds of being notified that the phone was lost or stolen.

Recent improvements in iPhone management technology have quickly made the iPhone a viable option for business. What was once thought of as a consumer-only mobile device is now becoming the preferred option for corporations through iPhone management. With the iPhone’s sleek look, ease of use and recent strides in iPhone management, it is easy to see why.