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iPhone Management Can Help Corporations Have A Better Mobile Network

Written by admin on . Posted in Byod education, Network management software, Patch management

Iphone security

Current research shows that more than 230 million United States citizens over the age of thirteen use some sort of mobile device, and if the ones doing so at your company each have an iPhone management of these devices while they are attached to the mobile network will become a crucial part of trying to streamline your organization. While BlackBerries have a strong system for encryption that uses multiple factors instead of just a PIN, iPhone management can be slated to work on their type of encryption system. A proper iPhone management system will allow your IT gurus to deal with everything from automatic updates to phones being shown to break protocol all from the comfort of your headquarters.

When employees are bringing their own devices, security always becomes the biggest challenge and this is why you need iphone security measures in place. Without mobile device management, not only would your employees be able to run amuck, but they could jeopardize sensitive information that you would not want to make available to the public or your competitors in any way. Fortunately, utilizing patch management techniques with the aid of software can give your IT team a lot of tools to keep everything going on within the network the way it should be. In fact, patch management software can be set to operate autonomously at all hours of the day and night so that nothing will slip past it. This will help your network to work correctly.
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Patch Management Software Offers Office Solutions

Written by admin on . Posted in Ipad management, Mobile workforce, Patch management

Patch management software can do a lot to keep your entire office on track. The need for patch management software may seem like something that most systems take care of automatically, but there are actually a lot of different user options and software conflicts that can the transition anything but smooth. Just for simple operating system updates alone, one conflict due to a setting by a user could off set an entire network; a back door security flaw in a mailing program, for example, that leads to an infection of a network by way of a trojan program that exploits it. One mistake, especially on a very large network, can lead to a wide scale problem. That is why patch management software is going to be a very important part of keeping your network safe and secure.

Patch management software operates on the principle that every computer connected to the network will be running what is essentially the same software, down to the versions of their operating systems and even much of the hardware specifications. Normally, when a patch is released, even a whole farm of completely identical computers can each update at their own pace. If the IT department is not directly overseeing the update of each individual machine, then the consistency and compatibility of the network can be compromised. This means a much weaker security profile for the entirety of the network. Patch management software takes much of the guessing and footwork out of the process, by downloading and applying these patches the moment that they are released and approved by your technicians.

What makes patch management software really work, though, is the fact that it can be customized to fit the business that is using it. If you need your updates installed immediately, then that can be performed. If you would like them to be handled overnight while the office is empty, that is also an option. You can have certain programs updated with more stable releases than others, and even roll back patches that may have proven instabilities found some time after their release, all at the same time on each computer. Patch management software is, in no small way, one of the easiest methods for reducing network errors and virus spread throughout your office. Find out more about patch management software, and consider it as a great solution for your office efficiency.